The Planetary, Fall 2019

What happens when the environmental humanities meets planetary science? We discover the Planetary Humanities!

The goal of this course is to reveal that planet Earth is both a global ecosystem in which nature and technologies are entangled and a cosmological entity belonging to our solar system. Drawing on literature, music, cinema, philosophy, sociology, science anthropology, postcolonial studies and theorists who shaped the environmental thought, this class investigates the crucial issues of our terrestrial condition!explores planet Earth as both a global ecosystem in which nature and technologies are entangled and a cosmological entity belonging to a solar system and universe.

As part of Constellations, this class will be amplified by a number of special events including a screening and panel discussion of Mad Max: Fury Road at the Marquee theater.

COMPARATIVE LITERATURE 203: Calling Planet Earth: Our Planetary Environment

For Fall 2019, the Planetary Constellation is composed of Frédéric Neyrat’s Comp Lit 203 as a stand-alone class. Students are not required to do anything additional beyond enrolling.

Class Number: 65753
Lecture: Monday / Wednesday 11:00 AM – 11:50 AM
+ Discussion section

3 Credits
Requisites: None
Course Designation: Breadth – Humanities & Literature
Level: Elementary
L&S Credit: Counts as Liberal Arts and Science credit in L&S
Option to satisfy the pre-med writing intensive requirement

Frédéric Neyrat is a Mellon-Morgridge Professor of Planetary Humanities and Associate Professor of English with expertise in the environmental humanities and contemporary theory. He is the author of several books, including The Unconstructable Earth: An Ecology of Separation, and Atopias: Manifesto for a Radical Existentialism.

Dr. Neyrat recently launched Alienocene, an electronic journal that gathers texts, sounds, and images seeking to reshape the relationship between the human and the inhuman, the terrestrial and the extraterrestrial, the near and the distant, what is familiar to us and what persists in remaining – despite everything – alien.