Constellations are humanities classes, amplified!

Our undergraduate classes encourage students to deeply engage with vital questions & themes critical to their academic goals while fulfilling general education requirements.

The Constellations humanities program demonstrates the relevance of the humanities to all majors and career trajectories through our undergraduate classes and high-impact co-curriculum. Our classes are open to all UW-Madison undergrads but are particularly suitable for STEM students looking for highly-complementary humanities credits. Each Constellation focuses on pressing contemporary questions, integrates out-of-the-classroom opportunities, and supports students in the pre-med intensive writing requirement.

What is a Constellation?

A Constellation = Core humanities Course + Co-Curriculum 

Each of our Constellations revolves around one core humanities course taught by our award-winning faculty that connects to special opportunities including: out-of-the-classroom experiences, workshops, events, and research and funding possibilities for students.




General inquiries for the Constellations program: