Why Enroll?

Pathways to Certificates

Celestial constellations don’t actually exist in space, they are human concepts that map meaning and patterns on to the visible stars in our sky. Similarly, the Constellations program helps students navigate the undergraduate curriculum at UW-Madison, including providing pathways to established certificate programs. Our core humanities classes currently link to the following certificates:


Animal Studies Constellation

ENGL 376

Health & Inequality Constellation


= 3 credit towards Integrated Studies in Science, Engineering, and Society Undergraduate Certificate Program or the ISSuES certificate.

= 3 credit towards the Health and the Humanities certificate.



 Constellations classes fulfill the pre-med intensive writing requirement

What is the pre-med intensive writing requirement?

UW’s School of Medicine and Public Health requires that students complete a research paper that is:

  • Done in a humanities or social science class
  • At least 8 double-spaced pages + a bibliography

Students must verify the completion of this requirement.

How can Constellations help?

  • We offer specialized support & mentorship for this paper!
  • Our humanities classes are highly relevant to pre-health students!
  • We provide you with proof of completion.